“You can find some wonderful things in the trash.” It’s a quote from “The Fisher King” (from 7:30 in this clip)

I know it’s romantic and all – but beauty from nothing happens all the time.

Here’s a three pack on that subject.

1) This video circulated a while ago. I have a soft spot for it.

Simple, locked off sepia toned shot of birds dancing and swirling around power wires set to music from the soundtrack of “Amelie”:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

2) A year later (round about last week), I caught this post. Familiar but different.

Birds on a wire again – but this time, instead of arbitrarily choosing a music track to layer over the birds, the creator let’s the birds compose the music:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Via: zeFrank

3) Which got me thinking about another project I found a while back.

Kooky science types ran an experiment. They took the heart beats of people and transcribed their rhythm into music and were amazed by what they found.

It’s not all lub-dub, lub-dub. Despite sounding constant to us, each heart beat actually has a dramatically different ebb and flow to its cadence. And they make an incredible soundtrack… usually. Interestingly enough, the beat from sick hearts makes for boring music while the beat from healthy hearts is beautiful.

Below are two tracks I grabbed for your listening pleasure:

Raw Heartt” is the heart beat data taken from volunteers at a museum that was transcribed into different melodies.

Composed Heart” is the melody created by a single heart which then had chords and harmonies added by a composer.

For more songs and more on that project head here.

I know I said three pack but here’s a bonus track for your listening pleasure. One of my favorites from the Pianosoundtrack that relates to all of this.

Michael Nyman’s “The Heart Asks Pleasure First” (the title’s a quote taken from this Emily Dickinson poem)