I’ve been yipping about the growth towards an aesthetic of simplicity and music videos present themselves as great example.

I have to admit, like a lot of people, I just stopped caring about music videos a while ago. They were all stylized flash. You name it: stunts and special effects, crazy color timing washes, famous actor cameos

Here’s a great example. “Toxic” by whats-her-name. Made with a wad of money thick enough to choke a whale:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

They had all the sizzle you could ask for but was there any steak? Rarely (sorry for the pun). If there was anything of substance to a video it was usually there long before the glitter dropping helicopters arrived.

Lately, the most popular, viral, amazing videos are the ones predicated on a simple concept or an intimate narrative story (rather than the expansive, explosive rock n’ roll jam that vows to take over the world).

Here’s what I mean. “Meeting of Important People” sets, “Brittney Lane Don’t Care” in a world of  kraft cardboard: