Strange fact: I have thrown myself out of an airplane without a problem but still have a hard time climbing aboard a roller coaster.

Especially the creaky wooden ones.

Especially when I go down them on roller skates.

Just kidding. But this guy isn’t.


Meet Dirk Auer. German adrenaline junkie with a penchant for insanity (and apparently also with a giant set of stones).

For no reason in particular, Dirk decided to race down a huge roller coaster with nothing between him and death besides a pair of custom inline skates coupled to the track.

And I don’t mean “race” in the he-was-in-a-competition kind of way – I just mean it in the he’s-totally-nuts kinda way.

At over 56mph, he did the whole coaster (2820 feet) in just over a minute.

Yeah, I found the video for you. Apologies for the sound track – not my choice:

Insane, right? For you and me, maybe. For a guy who drags himself behind an Aston Martin V8 for kicks? It’s just another day.

That’s why he has to do crazy shit like strap a jet pack to his ass and race cars at 120mph.

Would I joke about something that awesome? Check it out: