This is the story of Rattus. He’s kinda my hero.

Rattus, for reasons known only to Rattus, made a bold decision one day. Rattus went after what he wanted.  If he succeeded he would be living his ideal life. If he failed? He was dead. You can’t be any more committed than that – 100%

This is Rattus (bottom left):

betting it all

To explain, Rattus lives in a zoo and, one day, decided to grab some lunch from the enclosure of a very large cat. And here’s the amazing thing. He lived. Not only that, the cat sniffed him, nudged him but then left him completely alone and let him help himself to all the chow he could stuff into his belly (full story here).

Ok, so it’s a cute animal story and yes there are lots of explanations: It’s a fluke. It’s a jungle cat who wasn’t hungry. It’s a stupid rat who doesn’t know any better. It’s sometimes-shit-just-works-out-completely-contrary-to-natural-logic-and-the-universe.


Tell yourself what you’d like. Here’s what I’m telling myself: whatever crazy impetus Rattus had to stride boldly into that enclosure, strut up to that cat’s food and start chowing down like it weren’t no thang – that impulse is why the cat didn’t eat him. It’s respect.

Or maybe that’s just the kind of thing I like to believe because I have a soft spot for people who take chances. Especially when everyone else thinks they are nuts (speaking of which, if you missed yesterday’s post you gotta check it out HERE).

When I set out to become a writer years ago no one really told me I couldn’t do it. That kinda thing is too direct for most folks and the smart people know that whenever you tell someone they can’t so something it just reinforces their committment to said thing – for more examples of this please consult your teenaged daughter’s douche of a boyfriend:


(via HCw/DB)

People never came right out and said I “can’t” make it as a writer. They said something waaaaay more insidious, “Writer, huh? Great. But you know it might be good to have a back up plan.”

So I told them my back up plan was “rockstar”.

Never did have to strap on an axe. Took a helluva lot of work, but the writing thing worked out a-ok… at least for now.

Fuck back up plans.

I’m with Rattus. And so’s this guy – who bet his whole life on one spin on the wheel of fate.

Win or lose, at least we took a chance: