While I’ve been waxing poetic about taking risks for most of this week I’ve been waiting for someone to call bullshit.

Guys who pull ridiculous stunts and live, gamblers who bet their whole life and win, videos about the final moments of someone’s life that verge on the sentimental – all one-sided proof that people shouldn’t be afraid to take risks.

Sure being heroic is easy when everything is going your way but what about when it all goes horribly wrong?

What about a video that shows the real final moments of someone’s life?

The video below couldn’t be more real.

It features a skier who gets caught in an avalanche – and it’s shot from his point of view.

It’s pretty incredible, completely unique and, of course comes with an unbelievable ending. (It isn’t gory or anything but I’m pretty sure that anyone who is claustrophobic should skip most of what’s between the 2 minute and 6 minute mark):

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The noises you hear are plaintive cries of a guy convinced he’s about to die as he desperately tries to get air from the oxygen tank strapped to the back .

He didn’t have the mouthpiece for the tank in his mouth when he took off because he was too busy justifying why he should go first instead of the other skier – irony is creepy.

The rescuers were only able to find this guy because one of his gloves flew off just before he was buried alive. What are the chances?

Chilling stuff (full story here)

It’s cool to watch a guy gamble his life savings and wins but what happens when a gambler gets unlucky? Ask Archie Karas – a living legend who isn’t known by many.

One of the reasons that Archie is a legend is because, in only three years, he managed to turn fifty dollars into fifty MILLION dollars by gambling. The other reason why Archie is a legend… I’ll leave that up to Archie to explain.

Here’s the man himself (if you don’t care for poker and just want to see the brief interview then start watching at the 1:37 mark – that’s where the crazy begins):

A lot of people think Archie is an idiot. I don’t – for one simple reason: Archie still plays poker – just with $5 chips instead of $5000 chips. He’s the same guy playing the same game.

A lot of people thing Archie is an addict. I think he’s just being true to who he is and sticking with his decision to dedicate his life to gambling.

And I’ll bet you $10 that the skier from the 1st video is still two-planking down slopes.

Both those guys know that when you make a heroic choice it isn’t out of stubbornness, bravado or stupidity – it’s just the only choice you can make.

Because that choice is who you are.