(part III here in case you missed it)

Ok, so this was sent to me in April but I didn’t spot it until now.

I don’t know squat about manga but the clip below was sufficiently weird for me to dig around and find out what the hell all the screaming is about.

Of course it was about a t.v. series.

What’s cool about the series is that the main character, Soichi Negishiis, is a well-trained musician and, according to the synopsis, he’s an all round pretty nice dude.

Unfortunately, poor Soichi had zero success as a regular pop musician so he sold out, took on a fake persona and became the lead singer of a hardcore death metal band. Oh the irony. And not a bad twist.

I think I’m going to go out as Soichi for Halloween this year and when people ask if I’m a vampire I’ll tell them that I’m going to rape their parents (just to clarify my bold costume choice, you understand).

Which will likely result in my arrest.

Which will result in me calling one of you to read this blog post as my defense (apparently the internet is getting all judicialized like – check that WTF story out here).

Anyway, here’s a subtitled goodness clip of “Detroit Metal City” with thanks to Elyne Quan (bonus points for a ball gag – no, I don’t mean from Elyne):