Following up on the post about animals shooting their own documentaries, I’m bringing back a video post from YouTube that fascinated the shit out of me for a few reasons when it came out (you probably haven’t seen it before because you’re off filling your life with vibrant, real delights while I am thanklessly exploring every dark corner of the internet to bring you joy).

Oops, got lost in the self-depricating/guilt 1-2 combo. Where was I?

Oh yeah, why this video is awesome:

1) Main subject: chicken (2 points)

2) Who the hell buys a chicken for their dad… as “the perfect father’s day gift”? (5 points for weird)

3) Who has a sister who also buys their dad a chicken for father’s day? (weird bonus multiplier x2)

4) How come the entertainment industry hasn’t been flooded with chicken stedicam operators? (3  points for a brief Gary Larson type day dream about a set run entirely by chickens with the outfits and ability to accomplish their chosen vocation)

5) Why has no one created a poultry-gyroscope-coffee-holder so I can stop burning my face with lava coffee from Starbucks while in a moving vehicle? (2 points for another clever money-making scheme I will never act on).


And here’s an encore in case you didn’t just get enough lifestock in your Thursday…

Everyone loves a dancing chicken with a hillbilly hoot soundtrack especially when a mallard is on the drums… Don’t they?: