It’s no secret that there are scads of things angling to capture and subvert your attention and perception. Go for a walk down the street and the point’s proven.

The good news is that we’re equipped with fantastic brains that continuously adjusts, growing more and more adept at filtering the every growing bombardment of stimuli we receive. Most interesting (to me at least) is that brains don’t just DEAL with change, there are scores of studies that show they THRIVE on it.

Here’s an interesting example. Watch this video and see if you have the concentration and focus to see all the passes. Takes one minute and 9 seconds but I promise it will likely blow your mind.

Nope, I didn’t see it either.

It’s an amazing spot but what it demonstrates isn’t anything new. It’s an example of cognitive dissonance which, in very basic terms, works like this: your brain gets conflicting stimulus that makes no sense given all the rules/filters it has established (like a bear on a basketball court), gets annoyed and, before you’re ever conscious of it, terms the stimulus irrelevant and deletes it – before you even have a chance to spot it with your conscious mind.

Now you gotta wonder how many things you’ve seen that you haven’t.

Wiki aricle (which focuses more on behavioral psychology) is here

Proof positive that we’re still apes gaping in wonder at the world around us. Which I think is as good as it is bad.

Here’s another spot by the same company which demonstrates the very severe limits of the very amazing human brain:

This last bonus track isn’t cognitive dissonace but it shows some examples of things your brain saw but you never saw when you were watching the classic, “Fight Club”:

Don’t trust your brain. It doesn’t trust you.