There are few certainties in life but there is one thing that I know for sure: monkey = funny.

Like gravity, it is a law of the universe and as important as E=mc2.

For example:

Another rule of comedy is that drunk equals funny (but drunk comedy has to be a specific kind to work).

The drunk equation is: real drunk + social distance + nonviolence = funny. (incidentally, fake drunk never seems to be funny).

I know you’re busy so, instead of forcing you to take the time to type the five letters “d-r-u-n-k” into the YouTube search box, I offer you a recent viral video to illustrate my point.

You many have already seen this smashed dude on a quest to get even more smashed but you might not have seen it edited to appear like a silent film:

Good times. Good, good times.

Now, because you’re smart, you’re already ahead of me thinking, “If drunk is funny and monkey is funny then ergo drunk + alcoholic Vervet monkeys = apex of comedy

Bingo. You should be writing in a comedy room (but I’d drop that “ergo” shit, nobody says that without sounding pretentious).

To illustrate that point, here is a cool vid via dellanew (the other contributer/editor on wakkanew):