It’s funny, the things you forget.

Time’s never been of very much interest to my brain. Not in a traditional way at least. Somewhere along the line I started counting time in shows instead of years, episodes instead of months, script drafts instead of weeks and pages instead of days…

It’s an odd thing when someone asks you what you were doing five years ago and you count back shows to figure it out. Even more odd is the fact that, despite the obvious personal importance I put on my work, I don’t remember it sometimes. Not a word of it.

There are these inexplicable gaps. Sometimes whole story lines of episodes I wrote wander out of my mind and I find myself at looking up my own stuff to piece together my personal narrative.

And no, it isn’t the bad episodes that I forget – often those are the most memorable. It seems to be completely random. They wink in and out of my memory on any given day as they feel like it.

Maybe I’m just losing my shit.

But it’s funny, the things you remember.

Equally inexplicably, I can remember specific lines of specific scripts clear as the day I saw them oxed by the xerox onto 20lb. letter paper in the production office.

Most of those lines aren’t mine.

Here’s one of my favorites that’s almost a decade old:

“Sometimes the place you go when you run away turns out to be the place where you belong.”

Nice turn of a phrase, that. I like it because it’s true. Take it from these guys:


These are the dwarves of Kunming, China. Tired of being mistreated by big people, they turned their collective backs on the world and created their own place to call home. More on that story here.

Here’s another story that embodies that quote above.


Meet one of the, “Asgarda”, – a tribe of women 150 strong who have carved out a home for themselves in the Carpathian Mountains of Ukraine. Story goes that, tired of the mistreatment by men (abuse, sex trade, etc.), they banded together to form their own society.

No, they aren’t into knitting and needle point – they practice traditional martial arts, boxing and train with battle axes.

They are so cool.

I don’t know if it’s a hoax or not but I don’t care. Because they are that cool.

Full story here

And, if you’re wondering, Derek Schreyer is the guy I quoted up above. It was a line he dropped into an ep. of 15/Love. He’s a great writer and, more importantly, he’s good people. If you’re curious you can check out his rap sheet here

He’s been working his ass off on a new show, “18 to Life”. It’s out January on CBC and, from what I’ve seen, it’s well worth checking out.

If you’re reading this, break a leg, sir.