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Charlotte Gainsbourg and Beck have teamed up to drop a track. It’s good times. The non-sequitor, can’t stop watching video follows for your enjoyment.

And it’s got me thinking…

Watching it I started off in the land of oh-great-it’s-another-non-sequitor-odd-images-mash-up-nonsense-because-those-kooky-kids-today-only-have-an…

What was I saying? Oh yeah.

– kids-today-only-have-an-a.d.d-ravaged-attention-span-that-lasts-12-seconds.

But somewhere around the halfway mark (around the Spongebob take down scene) I started thinking maybe my ass is just getting old.

I mean given the unending bombardment of culture that we currently all strive to keep pace with, times they are a changing. That means how we view narrative and the aesthetics of story are changing too.

Maybe in 40 years this will be the only way to tell a story. Brief, unstrung moments caught, considered and dropped in an instant because any longer than that would be too boring.

Could be crazy talk – but then again scenes composed of rapid fire cultural references, indy needle drops, smash cuts and whip pans make no sense to my old man… Not his kind of story is all.

Ok, ok. Tangent over.

Future of narrative or not, this is good times:

Dear Japan,

We are also WTF?



I heart synchronicity and zeitgeist. A lot.

Example: Two weeks ago I had zero interest in  guys who do Michael Jackson dance routines. Less than zero interest. In fact, watching something like that had a good chance of annoying me.

But add a little synchronicity into the mix and I’m all over it.

Remember that busguy post? Check this out.

Completely unrelated to busguy, someone posts a killer video called “Josh’s Commute to Work” which just happens to be about a  guy who dances his ass off to a Michael Jackson jam on his way to work in Chicago.

It’s nothing short of amazing (especially when you find out this video was shot and edited in under 24hrs.)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

(via Zadi)

Just a reminder

Hey, remember this?

plah doh

Starting in on a series of time-related posts, I bring you the Retronet.

If the internet had been around thirty years ago, the guys in the videos below would’ve been total viral video super stars.

Of course if the internet had been invented back then we probably wouldn’t have invented cell phones until the early 90’s.

Oh yeah, and time would be irrevocably changed so that dinosaurs would be our masters.

Anyway, until my time machine is back from the shop and I can make shit right, I’ll just have to action on this item by posting these videos here.

Shields & Yarnell (with thanks to Melanie Dowler for the find). World renowned for being the  only mimes I have not wanted to smash in the face with a squash racquet:

Mummenschanz who bring us back to a younger, more innocent time when all you needed for yuks was a bag of mushrooms and some Play- Doh (please be warned that if you click that Play-Doh wiki link you will encounter an inexorable wave of childhood memories which will last from 8 minutes to 7 days):

Ok, so there’s this guy and he’s doing his time in corporate America, making ends meet, climbing the salaried ladder and he’s doing pretty well.

But it’s boring stuff and sometimes officeguy ends up gazing out the window to pass the time.

And sometimes officeguy sees another guy. And that guy is dancing.

Like Michael Jackson.

He’s just a guy waiting for a bus. For no particular reason busguy passes the time by dancing – each and every time he waits for that bus over a 15 month period.

And officeguy can’t help but cut some of those moves to music and create a little YouTube tribute to busguy.

Because busguy is kinda awesome:

Dear Japan,

We are also WTF.



Apparently a chicken fight is a more honorable way to resolve conflict than guns, knives or fists…

Ever wonder what four aliens singing a song looks like?

Turns out it looks like the throats of four opera singers as they perform.

It’s as cool as it is gross:

Ramping up to do some posts about time, temporal anomalies, causality and the rest. Time’s fascinating stuff.

Sometimes timing is everything: