Charlotte Gainsbourg and Beck have teamed up to drop a track. It’s good times. The non-sequitor, can’t stop watching video follows for your enjoyment.

And it’s got me thinking…

Watching it I started off in the land of oh-great-it’s-another-non-sequitor-odd-images-mash-up-nonsense-because-those-kooky-kids-today-only-have-an…

What was I saying? Oh yeah.

– kids-today-only-have-an-a.d.d-ravaged-attention-span-that-lasts-12-seconds.

But somewhere around the halfway mark (around the Spongebob take down scene) I started thinking maybe my ass is just getting old.

I mean given the unending bombardment of culture that we currently all strive to keep pace with, times they are a changing. That means how we view narrative and the aesthetics of story are changing too.

Maybe in 40 years this will be the only way to tell a story. Brief, unstrung moments caught, considered and dropped in an instant because any longer than that would be too boring.

Could be crazy talk – but then again scenes composed of rapid fire cultural references, indy needle drops, smash cuts and whip pans make no sense to my old man… Not his kind of story is all.

Ok, ok. Tangent over.

Future of narrative or not, this is good times: