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I spend a lot of time hammering the right mouse button opening window after window looking for something. We all do. I just tend to do it more than most for some reason. It’s an odd compulsion for me – not because I do it – but because I do it so much and yet have no idea what motivates me. I’m always looking for something but the odd thing is I really have no clue what I’m looking for.

And suddenly there it is – inexplicably the most perfect thing. In this case a video which I can’t even understand but that doesn’t matter. In fact, if I understood all of it then it probably wouldn’t be so wonderful.

It has a simple message, “be amazing”. There are a lot of reason not to be but none of them are very good.

Much thanks to Dwayne Hill for this. I had the fortune to meet some amazing people in my life. Dwayne is one of them.

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