What is Wakkanew?

The short answer is yes.

To explain, we made the word “wakkanew” up because we couldn’t find any pre-fab word that would do the trick describing what this blog (and our mission in creating it) is.

That doesn’t explain much does it? Let me try again.

Wakkanew is…

Ok, maybe this’ll help.

Say there’s a kid. Just some random kid, of whatever age you are when you’re still too young to know how to outsmart being happy.

And this kid finds something amazing. No like – AMAZING. Something so completely amazing it makes their mind pop.

So they pick it up and cup their hands around it and run – flat out, lungs burning, feet slamming – they sprint to bring that thing to you just as fast as they can.

And you peer into their clammy, Kool-aid/Cheeto stained hands and what do you see?


A first time discovery. Wonder. Joy. Fascination. And the best part is that the kid’s first impulse was to share that little handful of wonder with you.

So that’s what we’re doing. Finding you a wakkanew stuff that fascinates, inspires or amuses us and running it to this little spot on the web so you can enjoy when you need a little bit of amazing to get you through your day.