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Hey, remember this?

plah doh

Starting in on a series of time-related posts, I bring you the Retronet.

If the internet had been around thirty years ago, the guys in the videos below would’ve been total viral video super stars.

Of course if the internet had been invented back then we probably wouldn’t have invented cell phones until the early 90’s.

Oh yeah, and time would be irrevocably changed so that dinosaurs would be our masters.

Anyway, until my time machine is back from the shop and I can make shit right, I’ll just have to action on this item by posting these videos here.

Shields & Yarnell (with thanks to Melanie Dowler for the find). World renowned for being the  only mimes I have not wanted to smash in the face with a squash racquet:

Mummenschanz who bring us back to a younger, more innocent time when all you needed for yuks was a bag of mushrooms and some Play- Doh (please be warned that if you click that Play-Doh wiki link you will encounter an inexorable wave of childhood memories which will last from 8 minutes to 7 days):

If you missed the clip about my favorite ep. of “Full House” it’s here.

This is my 2nd favorite:

full house

Via: afrojacks

Skipping along tangents today. This post relates to an earlier one re: Spike Jonze.

This trippy, slo-mo skating vid was up on Youtube a while back but got yanked but it’s back up on vimeo.

Track is “Heaven” remis by Unkle.

Give it a little time to build. It’s got some amazing stuff (I recommend watching it full screen with HD goodness):

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Yeah, it’s an ad. It’s also a quarter million superballs so I’m calling this a win.

This videos a couple years old but it never ceases to bring me joy. Do yourself a favour – cick on the HD/HQ button on the bottom right and watch this in full screen.

The song is Heartbeats, written by Swedish duo “The Knife” and performed by José González.

Making of video here (worth it just for the sound of the balls… Huh, now that’s a phrase I never foresaw myself stringing together.)

Another ad they did. Not quite as awesome in my opinion but very cool. Bellagio fountains meet paint in Scottish housing complex:

Then they turned their attentions to Egypt and the Pyramids:

Then India for dominos:

Their latest ad was a bit of a departure as they refocused their ad campaign focus from color to movement:

This recently resurfaced yet again for yet another wave of awesome.

If you haven’t seen it, give it a look. So funny. So Wrong.

The story behind this tape can be found on Wiki here

Thanks to @giamilani and the Shelley for sending it in.

Ok, this is one of my all time favorites for the funny:

But now, after watching this montage of actual dating videos, I’m starting to think that Bobby’s a contender.

I’m also starting to understand why adoption and in vitro enjoyed a healthy growth in popularity in the late 80’s.

Here’s the vid (with tons of bonus points heaped upon it for fashion and moustache goodness):

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Via: dailymotion

I love these kinds of videos for some reason. I think it’s… something like ingenuity trumps talent and makes awesome. This pleases me.

This one popped up a while back.  Stay with it – the awesome doesn’t really begin until 0:40:

The first instance of this style I ever saw was here:

He did another video worth checking out. Same concept but executed with instruments (no, he can’t actually play any of these – the editing makes him a maestro):