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Researching some stuff for work I happened on a diagram that expresses a simple conceit: we all have 8 basic emotions and 8 advanced emotions (which are each composed of 2 basic emotions).

Truth be told, I fell in love with this diagram because of its overt simplicity, complete fallibility and because PhD Robert Plutchick (God rest his soul) was so optimistic that he firmly believed the complex wash of human emotions can be distilled logically into a pretty flower (where rage is a petal and that petal is fuschia). 

I don’t think it’ll ever be that simple. That’s why people like being human.

Maybe I suffer from a touch of synesthesia because I fell on my head when I was a kid but I’ve always thought of emotions as flavors. Like flavors, they’re hard to pinpoint and language tends to fall short when you try and express them. Even something as unmistakable as rage is different for everyone and it’s rarely as pretty as a tulip.

Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t be a shark.


There is one of the universal, irrefutable truth that I have come to depend on in my life: monkey = funny.

Throw a monkey in anything and it’s funny – even funnier when it’s a serious event. Bring a chip to the next funeral you go to – you’ll see what I mean.

What I was unaware of was the meteoric rise of eating. It’s on track to become the new monkey.

Here’s a classic example:

How about some crying while eating videos?

And of course who could forget the drooling Grandmother of all food based gags:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Dear Japan,

We are also WTF?



I heart synchronicity and zeitgeist. A lot.

Example: Two weeks ago I had zero interest in  guys who do Michael Jackson dance routines. Less than zero interest. In fact, watching something like that had a good chance of annoying me.

But add a little synchronicity into the mix and I’m all over it.

Remember that busguy post? Check this out.

Completely unrelated to busguy, someone posts a killer video called “Josh’s Commute to Work” which just happens to be about a  guy who dances his ass off to a Michael Jackson jam on his way to work in Chicago.

It’s nothing short of amazing (especially when you find out this video was shot and edited in under 24hrs.)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

(via Zadi)

Hey, remember this?

plah doh

Starting in on a series of time-related posts, I bring you the Retronet.

If the internet had been around thirty years ago, the guys in the videos below would’ve been total viral video super stars.

Of course if the internet had been invented back then we probably wouldn’t have invented cell phones until the early 90’s.

Oh yeah, and time would be irrevocably changed so that dinosaurs would be our masters.

Anyway, until my time machine is back from the shop and I can make shit right, I’ll just have to action on this item by posting these videos here.

Shields & Yarnell (with thanks to Melanie Dowler for the find). World renowned for being the  only mimes I have not wanted to smash in the face with a squash racquet:

Mummenschanz who bring us back to a younger, more innocent time when all you needed for yuks was a bag of mushrooms and some Play- Doh (please be warned that if you click that Play-Doh wiki link you will encounter an inexorable wave of childhood memories which will last from 8 minutes to 7 days):

Dear Japan,

We are also WTF.



Apparently a chicken fight is a more honorable way to resolve conflict than guns, knives or fists…

Ah pranks. I do love me a good prank.

Maybe I’m old fashioned but I think they’ve lost something lately.

Practical jokes used to be about finding the very edge of what someone is willing to believe and then convincing them into being just gullible enough to jump off that edge of belief with dramatic and comic results.

“Jackass” and the like changed all of that. The psychology is less important now – it’s all about extremes.

Here’s an example from Japan (with thanks to Epstein) where a guy thinks he’s part of a documentary on telephone scammers and then this happens:

Better or worse than the old practical jokes they’d do on “T.V. Bloopers and Practical Jokes”? I dunno but I do know this:

Putting dog shit in your girlfriend’s face? Never a good idea – prank or not.

Be kind to your girlfriend. Show some respect. Otherwise…

Courtesy Alex Epstein and Peter Mohan, and just in time for Hallowe’en, I give you:

The Horribly Slow Murderer with the Extremely Inefficient Weapon by Richard Gale

Yes, it goes on too long but that’s the point.