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Charlotte Gainsbourg and Beck have teamed up to drop a track. It’s good times. The non-sequitor, can’t stop watching video follows for your enjoyment.

And it’s got me thinking…

Watching it I started off in the land of oh-great-it’s-another-non-sequitor-odd-images-mash-up-nonsense-because-those-kooky-kids-today-only-have-an…

What was I saying? Oh yeah.

– kids-today-only-have-an-a.d.d-ravaged-attention-span-that-lasts-12-seconds.

But somewhere around the halfway mark (around the Spongebob take down scene) I started thinking maybe my ass is just getting old.

I mean given the unending bombardment of culture that we currently all strive to keep pace with, times they are a changing. That means how we view narrative and the aesthetics of story are changing too.

Maybe in 40 years this will be the only way to tell a story. Brief, unstrung moments caught, considered and dropped in an instant because any longer than that would be too boring.

Could be crazy talk – but then again scenes composed of rapid fire cultural references, indy needle drops, smash cuts and whip pans make no sense to my old man… Not his kind of story is all.

Ok, ok. Tangent over.

Future of narrative or not, this is good times:

(part III here in case you missed it)

Ok, so this was sent to me in April but I didn’t spot it until now.

I don’t know squat about manga but the clip below was sufficiently weird for me to dig around and find out what the hell all the screaming is about.

Of course it was about a t.v. series.

What’s cool about the series is that the main character, Soichi Negishiis, is a well-trained musician and, according to the synopsis, he’s an all round pretty nice dude.

Unfortunately, poor Soichi had zero success as a regular pop musician so he sold out, took on a fake persona and became the lead singer of a hardcore death metal band. Oh the irony. And not a bad twist.

I think I’m going to go out as Soichi for Halloween this year and when people ask if I’m a vampire I’ll tell them that I’m going to rape their parents (just to clarify my bold costume choice, you understand).

Which will likely result in my arrest.

Which will result in me calling one of you to read this blog post as my defense (apparently the internet is getting all judicialized like – check that WTF story out here).

Anyway, here’s a subtitled goodness clip of “Detroit Metal City” with thanks to Elyne Quan (bonus points for a ball gag – no, I don’t mean from Elyne):

Be undeniably good.

When people ask me how do you make it in show business or whatever, what I always tell them and nobody ever takes note of it ‘cuz it’s not the answer they wanted to hear — what they want to hear is here’s how you get an agent, here’s how you write a script, here’s how you do this — but I always say:

Be so good they can’t ignore you.

Those words aren’t mine, they belong to a much smarter man than me.  His name is Steve Martin (the full interview is here if you want to check it out.

If all you know of him is his comedy work then you should sample the rest of what he has on offer:  insightful books, intelligent literary and film criticism… the guy is a genius – hell he  even released his own banjo album (don’t worry – this isn’t a preamble to a banjo video, but if you want to check out his mad strummin’ skillz then here).

Mr. Martin is dead right.  With every industry (and not just those populated by creative types) there is always a placebo pool of things that makes you feel like you’ve achieved something when you haven’t done anything at all.  Eddie Vedder hit a nerve in ’96 when he brought that to everyone’s attention at the Grammy’s:

Let’s face it – doing anything truly great is hard – so hard that people have invented a whole host of half measures (like money, awards, groupies) to create the illusion that someone has created something truly amazing when all they’ve done is filled the a small niche in the current cultural market and advertised the hell out of it (for more examples see the complete discography of Nickelback).


So how do you know if you’ve ever created something excellent?

It’s so good you can’t ignore it.

Don’t take it from me. I can’t speak to that – I have yet to create anything that I’d truly call great – take it from a musician who operates without a studio, instruments,  band, turntables or  microphone  – and who also operates without excuses.

All he’s got is two pens:

Part of: via ZadiDiaz

I’ve been yipping about the growth towards an aesthetic of simplicity and music videos present themselves as great example.

I have to admit, like a lot of people, I just stopped caring about music videos a while ago. They were all stylized flash. You name it: stunts and special effects, crazy color timing washes, famous actor cameos

Here’s a great example. “Toxic” by whats-her-name. Made with a wad of money thick enough to choke a whale:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

They had all the sizzle you could ask for but was there any steak? Rarely (sorry for the pun). If there was anything of substance to a video it was usually there long before the glitter dropping helicopters arrived.

Lately, the most popular, viral, amazing videos are the ones predicated on a simple concept or an intimate narrative story (rather than the expansive, explosive rock n’ roll jam that vows to take over the world).

Here’s what I mean. “Meeting of Important People” sets, “Brittney Lane Don’t Care” in a world of  kraft cardboard:

“Classified” takes a run at the  national anthem. This pleases me.

(via @BenjaminAyres)

How did I miss this?

I have no words. It’s not even on beat. You know what rapping off beat is called?

It’s called, “That makes my hate itchy.”

I know that doesn’t makes sense. Neither does this video:

But you have to give the guy points for going out on a limb and having the tenacity to stay there.

Check out what I mean here.

Via: @BenjaminAyres

Tangent skipping continues…

On the subject of skateboarding, here’s a great indy video for a fun, mellow track – Cocount Records“West Coast”:

Via: @BenjaminAyres

Talented. Awesome. Humble.

And ambitious enough to attempt an acoustic cover of a rap song…

(kinda relates to that beatbox editing post from yesterday)

What would happen if someone with a good ear for music logged into Youtube and assembled unrelated videos that he/she liked into one cohesive orchestral piece? Probably be pretty cool, right?


And it look like this:

I don’t remember if economists, politicians, beaurocrats and technocrats predicted these particular facets of globalization.

Never can tell what path information and culture is going to choose to take.

1) 2Pac has posthumously found an audience in Kazakhstan:

Via: boingboing

2) Artists are taking to the streets to find new inspiration for their paintings – taking to the Google streets.

Sample painting below, full story here.



Via: Ze

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