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If you hate your Monday, you aren’t alone:

I was listening to a speaker recently who mentioned that we live in a world which offers unlimited information but that extra information doesn’t afforded us any extra meaning.

His pitch was that there is a breadth of  experience to be had at our fingertips and that’s the problem – it’s only at your fingertips. It doesn’t have any depth. It’s a puddle we run through on the way to another puddle rather than an ocean that we can immerse ourselves in.

We used to read books then we started reading the Cliff notes on a book. Now if something is over 140 characters or 2 minutes in length then we can’t be bothered because we’re convinced that there’s something else amazing around the corner waiting to capture our attention (and there usually is).

There’s something to his idea. I find myself craving focus, meaning, a through line for everything I see in a day. I see a lot of stuff but I don’t walk around thinking I know very much.

But maybe that’s just old hat too.  Maybe meaning hasn’t been lost. Maybe, like information, meaning is just changing. How things come to mean anything is evolving.

This video skips across a lake of experience and images, touching down just long enough for a glimpse but it creates a great story and… well… it meant something to me.

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Dancing in the rain:

Some ear candy goodness. Track by Movement in Still Life. “I don’t have no records out yet, but I make hits.”:

Just got paid back so I loaned another $75 to micro-financing via Kiva. Can’t afford to donate? Loan. Join my team:

I’m slow on the draw but Meron/Ben Folds back on C-roulette live with 2000 people backing him up. Click this. Feel good:

Forgetting is creation without the mens rea.

“Graham Greene once said, and I’m paraphrasing because I can’t remember the quote, that all good novelists have bad memories. He says what you remember comes out as journalism. What you forget goes into the compost of the imaginations. And that compost heap is the same as the dream space or the unconscious.”

– Robert Olen Butler

Stolen from here

Forgetting about forgetting.

Guess that means you can look for my forthcoming novel about birthdays and famous people (in which each character will be named twice).

Yeah, I forget things. Things that make people think I don’t care about them. The simplest of things. I forget names. Dates. Job titles. Projects people have worked on.

They say it’s no big deal but that’s what they have to say because the other option is, “You’re an asshole.”  And most people don’t have the stomach for that.

In truth,  my memory has been lethal to social relations of all kinds.

So why am I this way even though I hate it?

Take your pick:

1) Self-absorbed narcissist prick.

2) I remember that, when you were very young, your grandmother got sick.

And every night you would kneel beside your bed, elbow deep in down.

And you would pray – wander up to the gates of some imaginary heaven in footie pajamas to beg for one more day.

And you would kiss your teddy bear (because we all need back up) and you would sleep.

And your plan worked – you kept your grandmother alive.

Until one night you forgot to pray, forgot the kiss.

And that was the night your grandmother died.

I remember that…  But sometimes I can’t remember if you spell your name with an “I” or an “E”.

Screw Batman.

I would like to present the awesome prank funniness that is: MAN BAT!

Yes, dog videos do exist. Dogs are smart just like cats (but way less aloof about it).

They do awesome amazing things – like-Jet-Li-spider-climbing-their-canine-asses-out-of-an-enclosure-to-freedom:

One of those posts you see where you go from never heard of it to love it in under a second. Link to the collection Here’s an example:


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