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Ever wonder what four aliens singing a song looks like?

Turns out it looks like the throats of four opera singers as they perform.

It’s as cool as it is gross:


Ramping up to do some posts about time, temporal anomalies, causality and the rest. Time’s fascinating stuff.

Sometimes timing is everything:

Ah pranks. I do love me a good prank.

Maybe I’m old fashioned but I think they’ve lost something lately.

Practical jokes used to be about finding the very edge of what someone is willing to believe and then convincing them into being just gullible enough to jump off that edge of belief with dramatic and comic results.

“Jackass” and the like changed all of that. The psychology is less important now – it’s all about extremes.

Here’s an example from Japan (with thanks to Epstein) where a guy thinks he’s part of a documentary on telephone scammers and then this happens:

Better or worse than the old practical jokes they’d do on “T.V. Bloopers and Practical Jokes”? I dunno but I do know this:

Putting dog shit in your girlfriend’s face? Never a good idea – prank or not.

Be kind to your girlfriend. Show some respect. Otherwise…

Courtesy Alex Epstein and Peter Mohan, and just in time for Hallowe’en, I give you:

The Horribly Slow Murderer with the Extremely Inefficient Weapon by Richard Gale

Yes, it goes on too long but that’s the point.

Ok, enough with the monkey funny.

You know what is really funny that you didn’t know was funny and didn’t probably want to know was funny because you didn’t need to see it?

Turtles having sex:

You know what’s funnier?

Turtles with poor eyesight/mate selection skills:

Always looking for the cutting edge in saving you from boredom, I recently discovered this little gem.

This guy is so bored that he comes up with the ingenious idea to add a little sparkle to his life.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

No, he’s not dead. Just knocked out.

Curiosity claims yet another victim.

I don’t recommend this as a way to cure your boredom but hopefully the laugh you got from this video helped.

It’s been a while since the electric pickle so here are some more goodies courtesy the science of awesome.

Back in high school, before I dropped all my science courses, I learned that all matter doesn’t just come in the form of solids, liquids, and gases.

And then I was all like, “Who cares, man? I don’t need to learn this crap. What’s it gonna matter? Lets skip class and smoke butts.”

Skipping class and smoking butts was a far more important discipline to master than chemistry.

If only I had stuck around for the stuff about non-Newtonian fluids.

Here’s the really short explanation: Non-Newtonian fluids aren’t quite liquids and they aren’t quite solids (blood is one of them).

I know, I know. “Who cares, man?”

You will once you watch this dude basically walk on water:

Cool – but when are you going to have half a ton of cornstarch to dump in your neighbor’s pool while they’re away on vacation?

It also has useful applications. A material called D3O (created by a company with the same name) has been introduced with practical applications that include everything from ballet shoes to body armor.

More info (and throw-your-iPod-against-a-wall-and-then-off-a-building-goodness) in this video:

(via NotCot)

It’s no secret that there are scads of things angling to capture and subvert your attention and perception. Go for a walk down the street and the point’s proven.

The good news is that we’re equipped with fantastic brains that continuously adjusts, growing more and more adept at filtering the every growing bombardment of stimuli we receive. Most interesting (to me at least) is that brains don’t just DEAL with change, there are scores of studies that show they THRIVE on it.

Here’s an interesting example. Watch this video and see if you have the concentration and focus to see all the passes. Takes one minute and 9 seconds but I promise it will likely blow your mind.

Nope, I didn’t see it either.

It’s an amazing spot but what it demonstrates isn’t anything new. It’s an example of cognitive dissonance which, in very basic terms, works like this: your brain gets conflicting stimulus that makes no sense given all the rules/filters it has established (like a bear on a basketball court), gets annoyed and, before you’re ever conscious of it, terms the stimulus irrelevant and deletes it – before you even have a chance to spot it with your conscious mind.

Now you gotta wonder how many things you’ve seen that you haven’t.

Wiki aricle (which focuses more on behavioral psychology) is here

Proof positive that we’re still apes gaping in wonder at the world around us. Which I think is as good as it is bad.

Here’s another spot by the same company which demonstrates the very severe limits of the very amazing human brain:

This last bonus track isn’t cognitive dissonace but it shows some examples of things your brain saw but you never saw when you were watching the classic, “Fight Club”:

Don’t trust your brain. It doesn’t trust you.

Following up on the post about animals shooting their own documentaries, I’m bringing back a video post from YouTube that fascinated the shit out of me for a few reasons when it came out (you probably haven’t seen it before because you’re off filling your life with vibrant, real delights while I am thanklessly exploring every dark corner of the internet to bring you joy).

Oops, got lost in the self-depricating/guilt 1-2 combo. Where was I?

Oh yeah, why this video is awesome:

1) Main subject: chicken (2 points)

2) Who the hell buys a chicken for their dad… as “the perfect father’s day gift”? (5 points for weird)

3) Who has a sister who also buys their dad a chicken for father’s day? (weird bonus multiplier x2)

4) How come the entertainment industry hasn’t been flooded with chicken stedicam operators? (3  points for a brief Gary Larson type day dream about a set run entirely by chickens with the outfits and ability to accomplish their chosen vocation)

5) Why has no one created a poultry-gyroscope-coffee-holder so I can stop burning my face with lava coffee from Starbucks while in a moving vehicle? (2 points for another clever money-making scheme I will never act on).


And here’s an encore in case you didn’t just get enough lifestock in your Thursday…

Everyone loves a dancing chicken with a hillbilly hoot soundtrack especially when a mallard is on the drums… Don’t they?:

Found another awesome creative video:

What I like most about it is the user comments on YouTube. People are OUTRAGED because “This like so totally ISN’T REAL”.

But they never claimed it was real…

Don’t let reality ruin your day – it’s a totally subjective and completely unpredictable thing, reality.

Fantasy is so much more stable.

(Besides if you leave lame comments like that then you should be trying to avoid reality – because the reality of the situation is that you’re a Class A douche.)

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