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Brilliant, flash animation reimagining of Mario as heroic son of Communist liberation – heavy on style and on the awesome. Check it out here.

Sometimes the best things come from the worst things.

Here’s a three pack of videos – you may have seen one, you may have seen them all but they’re worth watching more than once.

Timelapse footage of the smoke from the Los Angeles Wildfire:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Kseniya Simonova – the “sand animator”. Her videos have been making the rounds pretty heavily on the web over the last few months since she won the Ukraine version of  “America’s Got Talent”. If you haven’t seen her work then you should. One of her videos that you may not have seen is here.

Here’s her brilliant, simple, moving depiction of Ukraine fighting against Germany in the second World War:

Kuroshio Sea, the world’s second largest aquarium (song by Barcelona):

This song and video composed entirely of edits from original “Alice in Wonderland” flick.

The vid below is mondo cool but if you’re looking for some extra trippy (and/or are under the effects of any groovy narcotics when you read this) then check it out when it’s panning at 16×16.

Source: @Mutano – he has no blog that I know of – totally worth following.