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Discovered these oddities a while back but haven’t shared them on this blog so here we go:

Sometimes art and science run parallel and never meet. Sometimes they run in opposite directions screaming at each other as they go. But sometimes they meet at a glorious crossroads and create an amazing convergence.

Usually that point is located around porn.

To explain, a while back a Belgian artist, Wim Delvoye, started messing around with x-ray images in his work like this:


Cool, jarring. Intriguing.

And then he started messing around with x-rays of people kissing, licking and fellating each other.



I know. I mentioned fellatio, where’s the fellatio?. The rest of the pics can be seen courtesy of Joseph Brett’s blog here.

All of this coolness was sent to me via @BenjaminAyres so, of course I had to try and one up him with my internet skills (yes, this, as you suspect, is what I look like – though I recently quit smoking):

I know internets

Anyway, my Google-fu was in fine form and I discovered footage of a scientist who captures two people having sex in an MRI machine. Video is below (be patient, the sexin’ begins at 1:30, perv)

Ah, art and science, united once again by porn.


This is the tale of Williard Wigan.

Willard can’t read. He can’t write. People used to tease him and make him feel small.

So he escaped – not into drugs or booze, not into himself – Willard escaped into the head of a pin.

He embraced his impulse to care for those things that are dismissed, passed over and ignored. He started building houses for ants.

It’s not a bad beginning to a fairy tale but when you see it in reality…

It’s magic:

(bonus video points for using the term, “Dickens of a time.”)

Thomas Allen makes dioramas with cut outs from pulp paperback novels. They are retro-awesome. More here.


Found this visually stunning, sinister & pretty video piece by artist Charlie White courtsey of (@jamesgunn and his blog). More link goodness follows the vid.

An excerpt from Charlie’s artist statement via the Andrea Rosen Gallery about photography as the shortcut between real and ideal – the impermanent record of something that never really was and will never be again:

“Photography is an exhausted medium. It is a flat sign system handy for conveying the shorthand messages of business brochures, motivational posters and pharmaceutical ads. The popular photographic image, the “picture,” is the very language of our dreams and desires and one in which we are all exquisitely literate-yet it has always existed outside our consideration of what we more seriously regard as “photography.” Nevertheless it is in this role that photography has truly found itself-as the shortest means from the real to the ideal.”

Photo from the project: “Understanding Joshua”


Lots more cool work up on his Webpage


Charlie’s youtube channel

Wiki entry