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You know what I didn’t know was awesome funny?

Kooky Japanese people who decide to spazz out on camera, capture it in slo-mo and then set it a mellow hip hop groove.

How did I not know that?

Each spazz out is incrementally funnier – bonus points for the fish, sumo guy, kid and inexplicable ending.

Song is “Luv (sic) pt. 2” by Nujabes.

Today we’re changing gears and going for gross instead of funny.

Here’s some can’t-look-away gross for you. A fish with very human teeth.

It’s called the Sheepshead and you can catch your very own off the East coast of the U.S. (if these pics aren’t enough for you to get your gross on then I’ve added a related link at the end of this post re: a tongue eating parasite which should sufficiently revolt you)

teeth fish

teeth fish2Via: jamesgunn

As promised, here’s a link to the story about the parasite that eats the tongue of a steelback then uses its mouth as a home (yes, apparently this is quite true, and, no, don’t be eating lunch when you click it) – link here

I know. Those parasites don’t attack humans. You don’t care.

Ok, well fine then here’s a video that features the extraction of a Botfly (a mosquito delivered parasite that nests just under human flesh). There are a bunch of these vids floating around. This one is quite good, informative and was recently featured on boingboing

It’s gross.

Yes, that was your warning.