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Ever been sitting at home with a huge hankering to have your genitals pounded for hours on end but can’t find a volunteer?

If you answered yes, then fear not – Japan’s got you covered.

Ladies and gentlemen, the iGallop:

Following up on the last couple of kooky vids from Japan I posted here. Maybe this will be come a continuous column as the numerous Japanese WTF factories seem to be working overtime.

There are no words for this vid. Wait. There are four:










(bonus points for frog/cow hand puppet guy cameo)

Via: James Gunn

Trailer for an upcoming boobie dramatic series in Japan. Unleash your breasts inner super powers:

Via: buzzfeed

I can’t wait ’till she takes on Robot Geisha. Who’s Robo Geisha? I’m glad you asked…

(prolly NSFW in that Tokyo Gore way – but mad props for the fried shrimp at 1:44 and bonus points for the buildings and Mr. Handicap):

With thanks to @badlady

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