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What could be more unique than seeing an ancient, endangered species of  parrot face-to-face?

Having said parrot form an unmistakable and unique bond with you in seconds and trust you enough to help its floundering species.

Here’s the amazing, hilarious video (bonus points because it’s called a “Kakapo” and because it features another unique creature – @stephenfry):

Found this amazing clip on flickr where someone had outfit an Armadillo with a camera and taped P.O.V. footage of it trucking around doing its armadillo thing (video’s below).

I discovered that this is just one of a dozens films created by Sam Easterson (he’s taped sheep, buffalo, falcons, tarantulas, alligators).

1st up is a video explaining the project. The animal videos follow below (the Gos Hawk vid is amazing)


Vodpod videos no longer available.



Farm Animals:

Similar BBC footage of a falcon and gos hawk:

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