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I’m not big on predictions – given that the only constant in the universe is change, they seem pretty useless.

Plus it always seems that predictions are composed with the subconscious hope that you can one day say, “I told you so.”

Anyway, I realized that I’ve been walking around with this prediction in my gut. I think the sense of taste in the world is about to get a lot more subtle.

After decades of information-exploding-celebrity-pornography-globalism-super-saturated-extra-everything… people need a break. Kinda like having a glass of milk after too much cake.

People are going to rebel. Chuck all the over done, glittler culture. Start looking for the unique in the unnoticed. The amazing in the boring. The beautiful in the unremarkable.

And what could be more unremarkable than passing a stranger on the street?

That’s the literal and figurative heart of this post. A blog called, “I Heart Strangers”.

Started by Joshua Langlais, the photo blog began with simple challenge – go out everyday a take one photograph of a stranger.

One of my favorite things to photograph is people. My favorite moment is when they realize that they are being photographed. Their reactions are always magic to me. Some immediately start mugging for the camera, some adjust thier hair or clothes quickly, some scowl, some smile, some tell me to fuck off.

Some examples:

red chair


I love these photos for the reactions. Just people being people, making a choice in a moment that is so split second, so unconscious that it has to hold some real truth about who they are. To echo a quote from Josh’s blog, “i am constantly surprised by what comes from making a single choice.”

What I love about Josh’s photos isn’t related to aesthetics or technique or style – what I love is the people. Open, warm, a hint of self-conscious. Most seem to be saying, “Me? You really want to take a picture of me?”

I wonder what Josh said to them because, for one shutter snap, these people gave themselves permission to be themselves and be beautiful. No small feat.

All the photos below are from Josh’s blog which is here

“kate gave me this look, or maybe it is a lack of look, the entire time. i thought she would break down eventually, but this was how it started and how it ended.”


“saul was walking down the sidewalk in no hurry. as he got closer, i realized he was extraordinary.”


“when i was done photographing, elisabeth asked me what made me think of doing this project. i answered quickly, “a mild depression”, and i guess that is just about it. in september i was feeling pretty miserable. she asked if i was feeling better, and i said that i was.”


A link was sent to me by two people yesterday – Della Rollins and Kelly Senecal. Thanks.

It’s a site that profiles the work of this guy:

bobby neel adams

His name is Bobby Neel Adams (website here).

He’s a photographer with a whap of interesting projects including “Age Maps” – in which he combines two shots of the same person (taken decades apart) into one portrait:


Here are some cool shots from his series “Couples” in which he combines couples into one:



One of those posts you see where you go from never heard of it to love it in under a second. Link to the collection Here’s an example: