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Yeah, it’s an ad. It’s also a quarter million superballs so I’m calling this a win.

This videos a couple years old but it never ceases to bring me joy. Do yourself a favour – cick on the HD/HQ button on the bottom right and watch this in full screen.

The song is Heartbeats, written by Swedish duo “The Knife” and performed by José González.

Making of video here (worth it just for the sound of the balls… Huh, now that’s a phrase I never foresaw myself stringing together.)

Another ad they did. Not quite as awesome in my opinion but very cool. Bellagio fountains meet paint in Scottish housing complex:

Then they turned their attentions to Egypt and the Pyramids:

Then India for dominos:

Their latest ad was a bit of a departure as they refocused their ad campaign focus from color to movement:

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