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Skipping along tangents today. This post relates to an earlier one re: Spike Jonze.

This trippy, slo-mo skating vid was up on Youtube a while back but got yanked but it’s back up on vimeo.

Track is “Heaven” remis by Unkle.

Give it a little time to build. It’s got some amazing stuff (I recommend watching it full screen with HD goodness):

Vodpod videos no longer available.

never tried

This was brought to my attention via Kelly Senecal (via Spike Jonze’s blog) and Tyler Hynes.

You probably don’t know those two guys. They don’t know each other.

None of that matters.

What matter is that, besides having me as a mutual friend, these guys have one other thing in common: they have a sense of wonder in spite of all the reasons not to.

They were talking about an awesome book so I wanted to know more. Turns out they weren’t talking about and awesome book, they were talking about THE “Awesome Book” (where the above panel came from)

It’s an illustrated kid’s book. Not something I jones for. At all. Like if  all the kids books in the world could spontaneously combust tomorrow and the only thing I’d be wondering about would be where to get a decent salad… and maybe why there’s a fire at Chapters.

But here is a kid’s book I not only read but loved enough to post something here to support the awesome. It

Check out the video below. Check out the site here.


Vodpod videos no longer available.

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