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Following up on the last couple of kooky vids from Japan I posted here. Maybe this will be come a continuous column as the numerous Japanese WTF factories seem to be working overtime.

There are no words for this vid. Wait. There are four:










(bonus points for frog/cow hand puppet guy cameo)

Via: James Gunn

Sounds along the lines of a moustache ride (NSFW).

Video goodness courtesy everythingisterrible, bonus points for the stuff about pleasure drools:

Found this visually stunning, sinister & pretty video piece by artist Charlie White courtsey of (@jamesgunn and his blog). More link goodness follows the vid.

An excerpt from Charlie’s artist statement via the Andrea Rosen Gallery about photography as the shortcut between real and ideal – the impermanent record of something that never really was and will never be again:

“Photography is an exhausted medium. It is a flat sign system handy for conveying the shorthand messages of business brochures, motivational posters and pharmaceutical ads. The popular photographic image, the “picture,” is the very language of our dreams and desires and one in which we are all exquisitely literate-yet it has always existed outside our consideration of what we more seriously regard as “photography.” Nevertheless it is in this role that photography has truly found itself-as the shortest means from the real to the ideal.”

Photo from the project: “Understanding Joshua”


Lots more cool work up on his Webpage


Charlie’s youtube channel

Wiki entry

Man in India who can blow up balloons with his ears?!?!

Via: Theuniblogger

There are no words to describe this video. There are only letters. T, F, and W.

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